Saturday, 26 January 2013

Memorial Ride - Brighton 3/2/13

There is a memorial ride for Steve being planned for 3rd February 2013, in Brighton.

More details here:

Or on the Facebook page:

We would like to thank everyone involved for helping to keep Steve's memorial alive :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Steve Love Day, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

This is something we have been meaning to share for a while:

In the town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA, the Mayor made Steve an honorary citizen at the 'Rhino Run' (Motorcycle Rally) in May last year.

There is a proclamation in the town hall about Steve which mentions his honorary citizenship and also that the 19th May from now on will be known as 'Mr Steve Love Day'.

It was Dan who found out about this initially from another youtube user - really2ugly - who attended the rally. They were quite shocked when the Mayor started talking about Steve to the crowd. He didn't record the event but did get a photo of the proclamation and reads it out in one of his videos. The proclamation is mentioned and read out about 4 minutes into the video below:

The Mayor is going to send us a copy of the proclamation.

We are, as always, honoured that our son should be remembered this way and that so many people care so much about him.