Saturday, 31 March 2012

Website launched

The website is finally finished and launched. I hope you find it interesting, please feel free to share your ideas, plans, events etc. here.

It is almost two months now since that dreadful day, we thank everyone for your support, kind messages and hugs.

To those planning memorial events THANK YOU, we love them all - keep them coming!


  1. Great website and fitting tribute to our wonderful son.

  2. Great tribute to an amazing friend, website looks brill. Ste would be impressed :-)
    Gaz xx

  3. Thanks Gary, appreciate that. Look forward to seeing you at the music event xx

  4. No probs. Looking forward to the gig, dont forget your ear plugs, that venue is incredibly loud :-) Will see you there.

  5. Pauline you have done him proud... An amazing web site, what a fab thing to do. Love n hugs to you all xxx A lovely lad n great friend :-)
    Donna Kemp was Saxton

  6. Thanks Donna he loved having got back in touch with every one up here and seeing them on a regular basis, such a strong friendship base that went right back to childhood. :)

  7. Very nice website ! I've been a subscriber of him for about 3 years now. The first video is saw was:

    He got me into geocaching and riding a motorcycle and I'm planning to start Vlogging !

    It's a strange feeling losing someone you don't know in real life, you keep waiting for the next video but knowing it won't come. Hope his kids are doing well !

    Thank you for the website and allowing us subscriber all over the world be part of his funeral via the live stream ! My first geocache will be a tribute to him !

    R.I.P Steve

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories. Please let us know when you geocache is launched we would love to follow its progress.

  8. I have just heard. I went to school with Steve and am shocked by this such sad news. I have fond memories which I will treasure.

    J. X

  9. Wow what an amazing mum you are! hats off for making this amazing tribute to your amazing son.

    I loved all his videos they were funny and articulate and very informative especially his gadget reviews, I am also a freakishly tall UK motorcyclist too so we have a lot in common :-)

    I cant imagine how tough the past few months have been but am so happy you are continuing to keep his memory firmly alive, what he has done will live forever online and continue to inspire, amuse and inform so many people, I am sure you fully understand this and I know it must be of some comfort to you.

    I am going to bookmark the site and keep checking back, I would love to join up on any tribute rides too, also pleased you have taken the rains of the greenlaning site as well, that is so informative and I am sure it was Something that Steve would have pursued in time.

    Both of you should be very proud of your son, to me he was like a TV star in a way, famous I suppose but to you who changed his nappies and wiped his brow he was simply Steven your son xx

    Love and Peace to you xx

    Paul Knox

    Banbury, Oxon.

  10. Thanks Paul, your message means so much to us thanks for taking the time to write. We will certainly keep you informed on any future events, rides etc.

  11. Having enjoyed watching his videos and a few others like him on you tube from time to time i was surprised to see in one of the comments to say that he had sadly passed away. This prompted me to google his user name and brought me to this site. Even more shocking to discover that the chap whos videos i enjoyed so much was actually in my class at school. Just shows how small a world it is. To say i am shocked is an understatement. I always got on with him at school and from the comments of people on here that knew him in his adult life it doesnt seem that he changed much from when we were at school. He really was that nice a guy. I did actually see him a few times after we left school randomly through work before he moved out the area and all i can remember was his phone ringing literally every 5 minutes with the ring tone "dude looks like a lady". Having been through a divorce and not seeing my child as much as i would like i can understand the choices that are made sometimes. I would like to add that this is an excellent site and remembering his OFF LIMITS site he created while we were still at school it is something im sure he would be proud of and now i have found it i will be popping back in from time to time to check for updates.

    Sorry for your loss.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your memories and for your kind words, it means a lot to us to hear from those who knew him.

    Best wishes