Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ride for Svengalie - March 2014
22nd March 2014 - Southern England. The ride will take place from Chichester to Beachy Head, weather permitting. Please see Richy's YouTube video for full details including map and meeting points: 


  1. I'm sure there are lots of 4x4 drivers who follow Steve's Greenlaning videos. Can we join the ride??? I still watch them to check out potential lanes before I head out, and never had a chance to thank Steve for the huge effort he put into his greenlaning database.

    1. Hi, Yes of course, everyone is welcome. Even those who do not want to ride and would just like to join in and say hello at the start or finish - the more the merrier. :)

  2. Hi Svens Mum. I had the honour of talking to Steve a few times on youtube. I gave him some great ideas that he liked for filming time lapse movies of the night-sky and he told me he'd try them out. Unfortunately he didn't and I also didn't get to meet Steve either although I did live close to him at the time. I just want to express my deepest sadness at his passing to the family. I viewed your photo album on here and it hit me hard seeing his daughter with her arm round Steve's waist on the beach. So sad.
    I popped by to say my bike won't be ready in time for the ride so may I wish it a full success and may much safe fun be had in Steve's memory and name.
    All the best.

  3. Thanks so much Andy, we really appreciate your message. :)

  4. My sympathies from the US on this the anniversary of his passing, I pray for you and his children.

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  6. A Facebook page has been created for anyone wanting to talk about the event or ask any questions.

  7. Hey there Svens mum,
    I never did speak to Steve, in fact I literally started watching his videos near enough a week before he sadly passed away. But it felt like I knew him, he seemed like a caring, friendly, funny and down to earth bloke, and it saddens me I never got the chance to speak to him.
    Later on in the year I'm spending a weekend away in the Nottingham area, and after viewing some of the "CelebratingSven" cache listings, it isn't far from where I'm staying! I plan to try and pay my respects to Sven the best way I can think of, by attempting find each of the caches (if I can, they look hard) during my time there.
    RIP Sven, you are truly missed by thousands :(

  8. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for your kind words mattestro. The caches are in a really lovely area, well worth a visit, we look forward to seeing you logging them as found :)